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Kiddo Walking Trainer

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If your baby is already ready to walk, there is a need to assist and guide them in every way possible. With the Kiddo Walking Trainer, it becomes safer and more convenient for you and your baby to go through his/her walking milestone.


Kiddo Walking Trainer

This walking trainer eliminates the tugging and pulling on baby's arms by safely supporting the entire body instead. This way, it helps the baby to freely walk on his/her own while keeping his/her body balanced in a more natural way. Added plus is there is no longer a need for parents to bend when assisting and guiding the baby.

  • Gives baby a sense of walking while preserving safety
  • Promotes fewer falls
  • Healthier for baby’s shoulders
  • Kinder on parent’s back
  • Provides a more natural walking experience
  • Situated close to baby's high center of gravity for superb control
  • Fully adjustable design for comfortability
  • With strong security lock to prevent loosening
  • Breathable inner lining increases air flow and decreases moisture buildup

With the Kiddo Walking Trainer, you can build confidence in your baby and teach balance while you maintain your natural posture.

Age Range: 10-12 months, 13-18 months, 19-24 months
Weight Capacity:  Up to 10kg
Material: Cotton and Polyester
Size: 52cm - 62cm long
Net Weight:  156g
Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Kiddo Walking Trainer

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Kiddo Walking Trainer